• charles3715

Riot Games: Voice Chat Moderation

If you play competitive games, chances are you have met a toxic player or two, perhaps even more.

Well, this week Riot Games have announced that they will be implementing a new report feature that will go a little more in-depth and actually be able to catch a player in the act of flaming and being toxic on voice chat.

Image Source: Riot Games

They quoted:

"We’re updating our Privacy Notice to allow us to record and evaluate voice comms when a report for disruptive behaviour is submitted, starting with VALORANT. If a violation is detected, we’ll take action and remove the data when it is no longer needed for reviews."

This being said, it seems that Riot Games has had enough of the toxic flamers in the competitive gaming community and are gonna bring down strict rules to ensure a more positive environment is provided for all players.

Riot Games then goes on to clear any doubts players may have regarding the privacy policy:

"Our Privacy Notice is a Riot-wide policy that requires all players, regardless of their game, to accept the changes. VALORANT is the only available game that currently plans to utilize the ability to record voice data and review it when disruptive voice behaviour is reported. Even though the legal document update gives us the ability to capture voice data, League of Legends, Wild Rift, and Teamfight Tactics currently have no plans to record player voice chat or expand the voice chat capabilities beyond party voice chat. Legends of Runeterra does not have any plans to implement voice chat."

Most likely this should help in heavily decreasing the number of toxic players within Valorant.

How do you feel about this?